A few years back, Google added gesture navigation to Android, but because the traditional three-button arrangement was still useful, Google decided to maintain it. However, Samsung provided three distinct navigation modes for their Galaxy handsets for a considerable amount of time, along with a personalized gesture navigation system. That customized version is no longer available on the Galaxy S24 series, although it may still be obtained with some effort.

As was initially announced earlier this month, Samsung significantly altered the navigation on the Galaxy S24 series in two ways. The three-button mode remains the default, but if you choose gesture navigation, you are limited to using the same gestures that are available on Pixels. Since Google’s new “Circle to Search” feature uses the “hint” bar for those motions, Samsung no longer allows you to conceal it.

Although it’s possible that Samsung’s unique Android gesture navigation was not used extensively—personally, I think it’s quite clumsy and useless anyway—for those who did use it, it was still a significant issue. Fortunately, it’s still around.

The “Navstar” module in Good Lock, Samsung’s service for more extensive One UI customizations, has the ability to restore both of the deleted settings. The ability to conceal the gesture bar and use Samsung’s own Android gesture navigation are back.

You must first install NavStar from Good Lock after downloading Good Lock from the Galaxy Store in order to accomplish this. After installation, activate “Enable additional gesture settings.” Following that, the deleted options will resurface in the navigation settings section of the standard Settings menu.
Apparently, Circle to Search is still functional as well.

This Navstar upgrade is currently available, and it will be very welcomed if Samsung decides to discontinue these gesture possibilities when One UI 6.1 launches for older Galaxy handsets.

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