Deepika Padukone became a designer for a home furnishings company in the United States. During her interview with Architectural Digest India, the actor shared details about her first Pottery Barn collection.

Together with the well-known company, the actor created a line of embroidered pillows, hand-knotted carpets, elegant wood furniture, and dishes inspired by her “global Indian aesthetic.” A set of candles costs ₹3000, while a Persian-style rug costs ₹395,000.

Putting this together has taken some years:

“This is not one of those partnerships where the brand sends you ten things and says, ‘Okay, you just approve it, we’ll put your name on it, and we’ll sell it,'” Deepika stated. I worked on every piece, so this has really been a collaboration. I believe our styles and sensibilities are comparable. Although it took us a few years to put this together and there was a lot of back and forth, I think they have an amazing team. I sent them a ton of references, both things we should avoid and things I like. They have their headquarters in California, so it wasn’t an easy task.

“Biggest grouse with American crockery” that Deepika owns:

In December 2022, a few months after Pottery Barn’s launch in India, the actor signed on as a brand ambassador. A standout piece from Deepika’s latest line, Pottery Barn’s interpretation of katoris (bowls), was shared.

“My biggest pet hate with American crockery is that you never find bowls that are small enough,” the woman remarked. They typically have large cereal or salad bowls, which are excellent for serving Western food. However, it’s not possible for someone who just wants a little dahi or dal to utilize that equipment for Indian food. Thus, we produced these little katoris. That’s why I think it’s the most appropriate for an Indian home, thus that’s my favorite.”

Deepika is expecting her first child:

In a few months, Deepika and her actor husband Ranveer Singh will welcome their first child. After dating for six years, Deepika and Ranveer tied the knot in 2018. On February 29, she revealed her pregnancy on Instagram. They stated that their child would be born in September 2024. The 38-year-olds Deepika and Ranveer exchanged vows in a small-scale wedding ceremony near Lake Como, Italy.

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