The secret to being the best entrepreneur is to be innovative. Entrepreneurs have got their own USP which makes them different from others. To stay relevant in the market, they need to come up with creative ideas and concepts. In the new era of startups, Benjamin Herzog is making his waves and is known as the youngest start-up millionaire in Austria. Born on August 13, 1997, in Klagenfurt, he is the most successful entrepreneur under 25 in Austria. He learnt the course of graphic designing for 6 months and later joined a start-up named ‘Foundation of Tea Time‘ where he began his entrepreneurial journey.

He learnt the skill of entrepreneurship and in January 2018, he invested into Avintext GmbH, the second-largest cloud mining providers in Austria. Since then he never looked back, and he just kept going. The entrepreneur’s second project was with Payment Solutions in August 2018. The same year he also associated himself with PhoneX Pay, now known as Transfera. “An entrepreneur must be well-versed with where to make the right investments. I believe to invest in the places where I get good revenues in return”, said Benjamin. In August 2019, he ventured into EXW Wallet thus expanding his business.

In the year 2020, Herzog has his eyes to get into the real estate business. He is already working towards the foundation of Real Estate Ltd in the metropolis of Dubai where he aims to get into the purchase and the development of the properties. Not just this, it is also believed that the young entrepreneur is all set to launch his own luxury fashion label named ‘Understatement’, which will compete with some of the best global brands like Amiri, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. The future has got a lot of scope for this 23-year old entrepreneur and at such a young age, his innovative business ideas have already proved him as one of the most promising leaders of the world.

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