Happy St. George’s Day! 🌹

The present Doodle, delineated by U.K.- based guest artist Ruby Fresson, honors England’s celebration of St. George’s Day and the legend behind this unique day that has captured the imagination of generations.

The legend of St. George follows its roots back to the Middle Ages when eleventh century Crusaders got back to England and shared his venerable story of valor and sacrifice.

Accounts lauded St. George as a hero who rescued not as well as a whole city under siege from a fire-breathing dragon! Upon his valiant horseback appearance, St. George slew the dragon, a fight scene reproduced in the present Doodle artwork. Rose bushes are said to have developed across the town after the dragon’s defeat and St. George picked a new rose to provide for the rescued princess.

Following his success, the villagers held a huge massive feast in St. George’s honor—a tradition which has been gone down through the ages—as has giving a rose to a friend or family member in certain societies.

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