2020 has been a year for the records in more ways than one, the current pandemic changing the trajectory of the economy and employment for the foreseeable future. One sub sequential trend is the emergence of digital entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses in the wake of unemployment rates rising The pull towards entrepreneurship has become an attractive alternative for many, we talk to digital guru and www.Curatorsocial.com Founder Kris Lal about taking the potential leap.

What key advice do you have for would be digital entrepreneurs out there?

Firstly, unless your already well connected and have the ability to grow at pace, expect to put in work upfront without seeing an immediate ROI. Many new entrepreneurs I talk to plan for success, my advice to them is to also plan for failure and have an exit plan, be responsible with your funds and more importantly…time. Secondly, you don’t have to be the most qualified expert, however you MUST know how to deliver to your customers better
than anyone else, this will make you more money than having an in-depth knowledge of any algorithm or ad platform in spades. You must be dedicated to delivering a result for your consumers, this is key.

What are some pointers around launching online during the current pandemic?

One important pointer would be to ensure that you’ve done enough market research to be able to deliver your product or service to your intended audience successfully. With restraints and delays around delivery worldwide, a heightened attention to service and communication is key. Furthermore now more than ever audiences have the time and space to truly scrutinize and be selective with brands they are affiliated with. The beauty of this is that it has created an openness and genuine curiosity amongst consumers for new brands as they are spending more time online. Social media in particular has provided a great gateway for new brands to reach their customers, however these consumers are becoming more discerning with a desire to align with brands that do good and share their sentiments, values and ideals.

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